German Film & Comic Con in Dortmund

German Film & Comic Con in Dortmund

Animatronic Movie Props

Note: This is an automatic translation of the original German text. You can read the original German version here.

Yesterday [Grogu](.. /Grogu2/ and I at the German Film & Comic Con in Dortmund in Dortmund.

German Film & Comic Con 2024

This was a great experience! I met a lot of nice people and saw a lot of great costumes. It was really impressive how much effort the CosPlayers put in.

German Film & Comic Con 2024

German Film & Comic Con 2024

German Film & Comic Con 2024

German Film & Comic Con 2024

I'm even more of a Star Trek fan than a Star Wars fan at heart - so I was especially happy that there was a real Exocomp to see in addition to Star Trek costumes:

Star Trek Exocomp

Grogu did well too. He made a lot of people smile and was asked for a lot of photos. It was really nice to see how people reacted to him.

A short breather for Grogu:

Kurze Pause für Grogu

Grogu was even allowed on stage briefly:

Grogu auf der Bühne

To ensure that nothing goes wrong, Grogu was given a custom-made box for transport. It could be safely stowed away and was well protected.

Grogu in der Transportbox

Overall, the technology also worked well. There were a few dropouts, which I'm still investigating. I suspect that individual servos got too hot and in this case all servos are currently switched off to be on the safe side. In the case of servos, where no mechanical damage can occur to the figure when switched off, I would actually only have to deactivate them specifically. I'm currently adapting this to the software. Alternatively, it might have been due to the acceleration when I ran with the bag. The servos also switch off when one of them needs more power than intended. And this may have been the case when running with the bag if the head was accelerated. I will investigate this in more detail and hope to have solved the problem soon.

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