Animatronic Grogu 2.0

Animatronic Grogu 2.0

Animatronic Movie Props

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This time even more authentic

In the summer of 2023 I already have an animatronic Grogu figure, which I exhibited at the Makerfaire in Hanover. At that time, I was already very satisfied with the result. However, due to the short construction time until the Makerfaire, I had to make a few compromises, which I would now like to improve.

Since I used a ready-made toy as a base, I could only make my eyes move at that time. The ears and mouth were firm. Also the head shape of the toy was not quite as authentic - so I now want to make a head out of silicone myself.

Since I have already built the transport ball for my first Grogu, it makes sense to choose a different setup for the second version. Current favorite is a control panel like in season 3 of the series, which is used to control the converted version of IG12.

Of course, in order for everything to be correct, I first need a plan 😉. It also shows that I had originally planned to place Grogu in an IG-12-like control pulpit instead of in a bag:

Plan für Grogu 2.0

First public appearances

Grogu was able to appear in public for the first time in March 2024 at the Maker Faire in Dortmund and since then, for example, at the German Film & Comic Con in Dortmund.

There is a YouTube short of Grogu's first public appearance at the Maker Faire in Dortmund in March 2024:

Click here for more impressions and background information (click on the photos):

Grogu at the Makerfaire: ![Grogu at the Makerfaire](.. /2024/Maker-Faire-Ruhr-2024-DE.jpg)

Grogu at Comic Con: ![Grogu at Comic Con](.. /2024/ComicConDortmund-DE.jpg)

Details of the construction

There are live videos of the construction on my YouTube channel. On the 30 hours of video material, I recorded all the steps I took to build the animatronic Grogu 2.0:

YouTube Playlist

I have divided written details about the construction of the animatronic Grogu 2.0 into several parts here:

Face - Mold Making and Silicone

Face - Mechanics of the eyes

Electronics and power supply

Serial Servos

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